Your First-Year Experience

The Office of Orientation and First- Year Experience is here to help you through your first-year of college. Once you start the school year, the First-Year Experience office is a hub of information and holds events designed specifically for you.

What offer:

  • On-boarding Orientations: The FYE office plans various orientations and outreach to help you navigate your first-year.

  • FYE Meetups: Are you excited about going to a large campus event but don’t have anyone to go with? Are you looking to make new friends to go to events with? Meet FYE in the Nest, ST 178, before various events to meet new people and chat before walking to the event together.

  • Events: FYE and ACES host different events every week based off the needs and wants of First Year Students. Keep your eye open for karaoke, game nights, movie parties and more. Follow us on social media at FYE@SUU to get the most updated information.

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Based off the information in this section you should be able to answer the following questions.

  • What does FYE stand for?
  • What can the Orientation and First-year Experience office offer you?
  • What is Campus Connect?
  • What are Tasty Talks?
  • How can you sign up for Tasty Talks?
  • What are some events that the FYE office puts on?
  • Do you need to meet one-on-one with your ACE each semester?
  • How can you stay updated on events and other important FYE information?