Learning to Learn

Becoming a Learner

In college you will be faced with many decisions that will directly impact the outcome of your degree.You have choices to make and habits to strengthen during your undergraduate experience that will jump start you into the professional world beyond graduation. Becoming a learner is something to strive for while you attend class everyday, study for exams, and prepare yourself for new knowledge.

Often times students perform the bare minimum to "just get by" or "just to pass the class" If you aren’t actually learning, then going to school and spending money is a waste of time! As a learner, work hard both inside and outside the classroom, complete your assignments on time, be prepared for class, and think critically about the content and information you obtain while attending your regular classes.

Why does becoming a learner matter?

What you can learn in some of your classes may be irrelevant to your specific career path, but it is very important to developing critical strengths that will be used in your everyday decisions, work, and relationships.

Employers prize those who can communicate effectively, use logic, and has the ability to give and receive feedback. Developing these skills will give you an immediate advantage in the workplace.

How to become a learner

Matthew L. Sanders explains in his book "Becoming A Learner" that there are ways you can shift your mindset towards thinking like a learner rather than a student.

  • Seek out opportunities rather than wait for them.

  • Think about learning as a way of understanding rather than thinking about what will be on the test.

  • Seek challenging situations rather than running away or avoiding difficult tasks.

  • View learning in college as an opportunity rather than a checklist for the next step.

  • You focus on learning to "learn" rather than learning to "do".

Based off the information in this section you should be able to answer the following questions.

  • What does becoming a learner mean to you?
  • Why does becoming a learner matter?
  • T/F I should be seeking out opportunities rather than waiting for someone to tell me what to do.
  • I should be focusing on learning to ___ rather than learning to __.
  • T/F I will be guaranteed a career after graduation solely based off my degree.