College offers you a fresh start

No matter where you have been before coming to SUU, this is a fresh start for you! There are a few differences between high school and college.

For instance, you get to decide how involved you want to be, how much you want to study, and who you want to become. Live in the "now" and enjoy all of the benefits of attending Southern Utah University. Keep old friends, make new friends, discover your potential, develop your talents, and never forget that the only one who can put a cap to your dreams here at SUU is you!

Key differences between high school and college:

High School
  • Classes were chosen for you
  • Classes are only available in a set block
  • For the most part you live with your parents or family
  • Books were often provided to you
  • Your attendance was required
  • You had predetermined social cliques
  • Your contact with teachers was frequent

  • You choose your own classes and times
  • You have the freedom of morning, afternoon, online, and/or evening classes
  • You often live with roommates or possibly alone
  • You have to purchase required textbooks for each course
  • Your attendance is optional but expected. It is nearly impossible to succeed at college without attending your classes
  • You will create new diverse and welcoming friendships
  • You get to choose the interactions with your professors beyond classroom time

Based off the information within this section you should be able to answer the following questions.

  • What are some of the key differences from high school to college?