About This Scholarship

Donor Biography

Glen L Halterman was born Dec 4th, 1926 was Born in the Iron County Hospital, the son of Millard and Peal Halterman, as one of 11 Children. He was raised on a farm in Cedar Valley, and graduated from Cedar High in 1945. After graduation Glen worked at the Iron mines west of Cedar, after the mine was closed Glen bought a farm which he still has today. On June 1st 1949 he married his sweetheart Renee Skougard. She passed away Mar,11th 2003. Along the way, Glen served his community, by sitting on the Iron County School Board, The Iron County Commission and the Mayor's chair in Parowan. Glen always had an eye for Southern Utah University. He and his Wife Renee often talked about endowing a scholarship for SUU students in need majoring in agriculture. Glen followed through on their idea and we now have the Glen L. and Renee Halterman Scholarship for students majoring in agriculture created in 2004. Glen said he has always been a great believer in people, and all of us need a chance to excel. He is now retired from farming and considered himself fortunate to help others during his productive years. Glen has often visited the students he's helped; he tells them that his giving helps him as much as it helps them.

Scholarship Criteria

Awarded to outstanding students majoring in Agriculture.


Health Sciences


Agriculture Sci/Nutritonal Sci


Varied Dollars/yr


  • Opening: November 1
  • Final: March 1

If you any questions about your financial aid or need help applying for a scholarship you can contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@suu.edu or call (435) 586-7735.