About This Scholarship

Donor Biography

Walter K. Granger came from humble beginnings. When he was five years old his mother abandon him, and at the age of fifteen his father died leaving him all alone.

He attended Branch Agricultural College (what SUU was called from 1913-1953) and was an athlete. He liked school, especially English and Literature. He served in WWI and in 1923 he became the Mayor of Cedar City. He was also elected to the Utah State Legislature and served as Speaker of the House. Walter and his wife, Hazel, were very charitable.

He always saw the good in people, even though they might have had outstanding faults. In 1940, Walter was elected to serve in the House of Representatives in the First Congressional District of Utah. He did much good as a Congressman, much of which affected Utah for the better. He and Hazel played a major role in helping BAC become a four year college. Walter and Hazel served many people throughout their lives. He through public service and she through her teaching.

Walter and Hazel were married for 66 years. They planned, worked and played together. This scholarship was created by Hazel's brother to honor their memory.

Scholarship Criteria

Will be awarded to outstanding students with a profound interest in government or conservation, or a student who has returned from at least an 18-month service mission or an 18-month proselytizing mission.


Humanities and Social Sciences


Political Sci Criminal Justice


Varied Dollars/yr


  • Opening: November 1
  • Final: March 1

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