About This Scholarship

The scholarship will provide full in-state tuition and fees for two semesters. Requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum academic load of 15 credit hours each semester during the award.
  • Maintain high academic standing with the University
  • Write an additional thank you letter to Jacalyn Smith Leavitt
  • Attend the Scholarship luncheon planned each year.

Application Process

  • Submit a 1-2 page cover letter to the financial aid office, or complete the included form, that addresses the following:
  • Short introduction of yourself
  • Why you are deserving of this scholarship, what financial need it meets and how it will help you accomplish your educational goals.
  • Other information that will detail your qualifications.
  • Submit a one-page resume focusing on high school and/or post-high school academics, awards, recognition, extra-curricular activities, public service activities, and employment.


Full Tuition


  • Final: March 1

If you any questions about your financial aid or need help applying for a scholarship you can contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@suu.edu or call (435) 586-7735.