About This Scholarship

Donor Biography

The Daniels Boundless Opportunities Scholarship is provided by The Daniels Fund, established in 1997. Bill Daniels was one of earliest pioneers in cable television. His life is celebrated by his legacy, the Daniels Fund, which supports communities in the Rocky Mountain region.

This scholarship provides assistance to a variety of non-traditional students including adults entering or returning to college that demonstrate financial need.

Bill Daniels was guided by values and principles such as ethics and integrity. He always made a point of offering praise, encouragement, and congratulations to his employees, friends and family. Bill was renowned for his loyalty at home and in the workplace and he expected loyalty in return. He was the definition of an entrepreneur: a business visionary, a risk-taker, and an innovator. His commitment to excellence and etiquette in all aspects of his life and business was one of his trademarks at home and in the workplace. He was proud to have served in two wars as a combat pilot.

In his final years, Bill laid the plans for the foundation that would bear his name, establishing the scope, method, and impact of his giving. His hope is that the recipients of this scholarship will be inspired to follow his legacy of compassion and generosity, and someday contribute to their communities.

Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must be a non-traditional student (25+, married/widowed/divorced, dependent children, 3+ year gap in schooling) or be a military veteran who served in active duty. Likewise, applicants are required to submit a personal narrative outlining their goals and aspirations, barriers they have overcome, current financial need, as well as discussing their current engagement in civic and community activities. Applicants must be in good academic standing (2.6 GPA-First-time applicants) or 2.8 GPA for renewal applicants. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member is required for all first-time applicants. If applicants are new to the university, they may submit a reference letter from their previous institution.


Varied Dollars/yr


  • Opening: November 1
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If you any questions about your financial aid or need help applying for a scholarship you can contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@suu.edu or call (435) 586-7735.