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Donor Biography

"American Pacific was founded in Henderson, Nevada, US, in 1955 for the purpose of manufacturing specialty chemicals, principally oxidizers. Since then, their business has expanded to include other Specialty Chemicals including clean fire extinguishing agents. Their customers and product distribution now span most of the globe. Their headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are now located in Cedar City Utah, US. For the aerospace and defense industry they provide specialty chemicals used in solid rocket motors for space launch and military missiles. They also produce clean fire extinguishing agents for the fire protection industry. Their products are designed to meet customer specifications and often must meet certain governmental and regulatory approvals.

Through technical and manufacturing expertise and a focus on customer service, American Pacific has achieved a reputation for quality, reliability, technical performance and innovation. Given the mission-critical nature of most of our products, they have established longstanding strategic customer relationships, and they work collaboratively with customers to develop customized solutions that meet rigorous US federal and international standards."

Scholarship Criteria

Preference given to AMPAC employees and their dependents. Students must declare a major in Engineering. Awarded to Junior or Senior students. Please contact the Engineering Department after submitting your application to inform them that you are an employee or dependent of an employee who works for AMPAC. You can send an email to cecs@suu.edu


Engineering/Computational Sci


Engineering and Technology


Varied Dollars/yr

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