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Donor Biography

Carmen Helen Bruchez was born August 10, 1926 in Saxon Switzerland.

In 1936 when Carmen was 10 years old, she immigrated to the United States with her mother.

On November 19, 1949 she married a World War II veteran Jack James Watson. Jack worked as a technician for Technicolor in the movie business and she worked as a cafeteria worker in the California schools.

While Jack was working on movies in the Kanab, they fell in love with the area, bought property here, and eventually built a home. In 1986 they retired here to enjoy the open space and the south west red hills. Jack did lots of photography and Carmen loved to paint.

Through the years, Carmen would occasionally give financial help to young people from the area who were furthering their education. She wanted to be able to help people and give kids a chance to gain skills and get an education.

Scholarship Criteria

Students must have declared their major as Biology with an interest in Pre-Veterinary Science. The student must be an undergrad student with good academic standing from the Southern Utah Region.

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