About This Scholarship

Donor Biography

Claron Bradshaw was a Cedar City native and graduate of Branch Agricultural College (what SUU was called from 1913-1953). He majored in accounting but had worked in the automobile industry since the age of 13 so after he graduated BAC, he moved to St. George and bought a Ford franchise. He spent 35 years doing business in St. George. Claron and Claudia married in 1986 and had many adventures, many of which were to contribute to their communities and raise awareness of social justice, continued higher education and empower those who were finding their own voice. This scholarship is just one of many ways Claron and Claudia choose to give back.

We hope while putting their scholarship to use, you will think about Claron and Claudia and their great desire to make higher education possible.

Scholarship Criteria

Will be awarded to students who are in good academic standing with the University, who are involved in LGBTQ clubs or communities, and have demonstrated financial need.


Varied Dollars/yr


  • Opening: November 1
  • Final: March 1

If you any questions about your financial aid or need help applying for a scholarship you can contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@suu.edu or call (435) 586-7735.